There is no narration for this video. See written info below as a guide.

In this video we will show you how to paint an abstract piece.


Basically, all art is abstract in the sense that it is not the subject itself. If you want to paint abstract but are having trouble figuring out how to approach the canvas, try recreating a subject you have painted before and use a part of this to create an abstract, so taking a segment from it.


If you decide to paint from scratch, a fresh subject for example, try squinting your eyes until all you can see are blurry parts of your subject. Forget the details. Take your brush or pencil and sketch in the broad shapes and contours. Or take a very small section of your subject and blow it up to cover the whole canvas.

Then see how your composition unfolds, see how the shapes take form and become interesting in themselves, without reference to your subject. Keep playing with your composition, adding and subtracting shapes, modifying color, strengthening lines. Follow what draws in your attention and emotions, scrap what doesn’t. Work fast, and then stop and study what you have got so far.


Another way to approach painting an abstract  is and we have just mentioned this is to use your emotions to get you started and just let your body flow. Listening to music is one way you can enhance your emotions whilst you paint. Sometimes you can choose music to reflect your current mood, for instance new age, jazz or classical for reflective moods, rock or electronic music like this video tutorial,  something to drive your emotions, and so forth.

If you are feeling strong emotions of any kind, try expressing it directly through color, line and form and let it show on the canvas. Remember that whatever method you use to begin an abstract painting, you’ll need to pay attention to composition, interest, energy and focus in order to complete it successfully.


In that sense, abstract art is no different from realism. So the most important thing when you are doing an abstract painting is to stop when the painting feels complete. Do not go back to improve or touch it up. Abstract artists don’t think about outcome, they just stop when they feel ready. Do not overwork your painting, but learn to finish it the moment you feel it is finished from inside.