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Great Sex with your Partner


The atmosphere or the environment can be important in sending a message to your spouse or partner that you are in the mood. For some couples a house full of kid's toys, barking dogs or piles of work to do is simply a mood breaker.


While you may not be able to totally remove all these obstacles to a romantic interlude you certainly can minimize their impact. Setting a romantic tone for the evening, afternoon or whenever you find time to enjoy each other's company doesn't have to be elaborate or stressful. Instead look for ways to make your home more relaxing, seductive and private, a sure way to provide just the atmosphere you need.



Most people have some tried and true simple ways to make your bedroom look a bit less like a bedroom and more like a romantic spot in the home. Some of the added touches can be great left all the time to help make your bedroom a true sanctuary where you both enjoy spending time with each other. First and foremost to have a romantic atmosphere get rid of all the technology stuff that isn't romantic at all. The laptop, desktop computer, television, telephone, cell phone or anything else that connects you to the outside world should be temporarily banished. Not only does this prevent interruptions but it also sets a much more relaxing and much less distracting environment. After all you want to be focused in on each other and your experience together not on the television or what is on the computer. You will also want to remove the items in the room that remind you of work that has to be done. The laundry basket needs to be put in the closet or in the laundry room; stacks of paperwork should be put in the office or at least out of sight in a drawer or filing cabinet. This prevents you from letting your mind drift to all the pressures of the outside world - 24 - that are just waiting for you. Not only will this help with your ability to stay "in the moment" with your partner but you are also more likely to avoid jumping up out of bed to head back to work immediately after making love. In addition to removing all those work and daily grind type items from your bedroom there are some additional things that you can add to enhance the enjoyment of the atmosphere for you both. You can try one or all of these things, or even save a few for those very special occasions.