Lesson 8. Still Life 2 - Fruit.

1. Begin by lightly sketching out your basic shapes. Make sure you use a light pencil with soft strokes, to avoid sketch lines which cannot be later erased and will ruin the final drawing.

2. Once you are happy with your placement, begin to define the shape placing close attention to your subject. Begin to erase sketch lines to help define the final shape. Begin to outline additional details.

3. Begin to add final details such as seeds, shoots and anything else which wasn't outlined in the initial stages. Before starting the shading, erase sketch lines which effect the finial sketch.

For shading experiment with different shading techniques to see how they affect the final composition. Try Stippling to mimic the rough texture of the skin, cross hatching can be very effective for shadow and tonal to mimic the smooth, wet skin of the fruit.