Lesson 5. Still Life

1.Start by lightly marking out and identifying the major shapes within the guitar and chair. We can use two large circles to construct the main body of the guitar, and a rectangle to build the neck and chair. Remember to use light pencil strokes, so you can easily erase the lines later on to help finish the piece.

2.Begin to mark out the final shapes of composition, so you begin to get something that resembles a guitar rather than two big circles. Try and use both objects to help judge size and change in shape. The relationship between the two objects and where their contours change will be the best guide to judge shape and size for both.

3.When you are happy with the composition, begin to add the details and final shapes. Begin to add the defining characteristics (tuning pegs, frets, cushion....).
You can then apply shading to darkened areas and to highlight your light sources.