Lesson 4. Drawing Hands

1.As with all sketches we can break an object down into key shapes to arrange the composition.
We can create basic shapes to represent the bare 'bones' of the hand.

Firstly add a large square type shape to represent the palm of the hand and a small square to represent the small bones in the wrist. A triangle started from the top of the wrist ending half way up the palm, to represent the root of the thumb.

Begin to add basic lines (just under the length of the palm), to represent the fingers and thumb (remembering the differing size for each finger). Then marking off the knuckles/joints in the fingers by dividing them into thirds (and once for the thumb).

2.Once you are happy with your composition, begin to develop your shape, by filling out your shapes into something that looks more like a hand, by adding shape to the fingers and begin to add more character to your shape.

3.Finally begin to erase your sketch lines and start to add smooth curves and bumpy lines to your shape, to give it a more natural look (nothing in nature is perfectly straight).
Begin to add in further details such as wrinkles and creases.

Finally thinking of your light source, start to add shading to bring your composition to life.