Hola! I literally couldn't speak a word of Spanish until I took the speed course. Well worth the money!

Speak Spanish Confidently in 12 Days or Less!






Learn how to speak Spanish using your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet. 

Engaging and Creative at all times. Learn the basics in just 12 days

Module List:

Day 1 - Getting Started with Greetings and Basic Expressions in Spanish

Day 2 - Recognising Letters and Sounds in the Spanish Alphabet

Day 3 - Forming Spanish Nominal Words and Phrases Gender-Specific Characteristic Number-Specific Characteristic Definite and Indefinite Articles Learn More Spanish Nouns

Day 4 - Getting Familiar with Spanish Pronouns Subject Pronouns Object Pronouns Possessive Pronouns Demonstratives

Day 5 - Learn to Describe with Spanish Adjectives

Day 6 - Making Longer and Complete Phrases with Prepositions

Day 7 - Introduction to Spanish Verbs AR Verbs ER Verbs IR Verbs

Day 8 - Conjugating Verbs to Present Tense Regular Forms Irregular Forms Ser vs. Estar Present Progressive Form

Day 9 - Conjugating Verbs to Past Tense Regular Forms Irregular Forms

Day 10 - Conjugating Verbs to Future Tense Regular Forms Irregular Forms Be-Going-To Form

Day 11 - Forming Basic Spanish Sentences Declarative Sentences Interrogative Sentences Imperative Sentences

Day 12 - Familiarizing Situational Phrases:

Asking for Directions

Giving Directions

At the Airport

Checking in at Hotels

Riding a Bus

Riding the Train

Hiring a Taxi

Hiring a Boat

Driving Cars

Shopping for Clothes

Shopping for Food

Dining Out and

Ordering Food

Visiting the Beach

Doing Sports

Problems and Complaints

Dealing with Emergencies

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