Adult Colouring Course

Lets Go!


We know you are keen to get colouring so lets commence on this first exercise.

Ok, so if you don't already have a colouring book we have provided some prinatble PDF sheets for you to download and print.


The whole point of the following exercise is to start from the beginning. Yes we know we have not fully discussed any form of colouring techniques but the whole point of this exercise is to start from the beginning. We are then going to continue our journey completing more modules and recolour the same image later on. You will be amazed by the difference after you have learnt some basic techniques!


For this exercise choose your favourite mandala drawing below if you do not have your own colouring pages, print it off and get your colouring pencils to hand. There is no right or wrong way of doing this. Let your mind take over and relax, as you begin you will see just how relaxing colouring can be.


Don't worry about which colour pencil to choose, just do this first exercise freestyle and use your favourite colours. Use mulitple colours or just a few, its your colouring page so feel free to express your own creative flair. Once you have completed this keep your colouring page safe and flat, perhaps inbetween a book with a blank sheet of paper over the top just to avoid any smudging that may occur, we will be taking a look at your finished piece later on during the course so keep it safe!


Just before you get started it will be advisable to print your chosen mandala on a thicker stock of white A4 paper with a smoother surface so that the pencil colour is absorbed well. We recommend 120gsm, a slightly heavier and a better quality grade of paper although this is not essential. You can buy special papers specifically for colouring which you will find in most art stores.

Watch the mini clip. We have printed out the first mandala. We haven't applied any techniques to this colouring page whatsoever, well not intentionally. We simply started to colour the page just naturally, imagining we have no prior knowledge and chose random coloured pencils. It's an unfinished piece but yours will be complete, it just gives you an idea of how the choice of colours can really lift the drawing off the page. Watch to see after you have completed your first mandala if any of the shading techniques we are about to discuss were actually used by yourself without you even realising it! Some things come quite naturally...

Take the short Quiz. You will need to pass with 85% to proceed to the next module.

Once passed you will be given a passcode to proceed to the next module.