Lesson 6. Tutorial - Passionate couple Sketch

STAGE 1 In this video we will show you how to draw a realistic sketch – Semi-Naked 'Passionate' Couple.


STAGE 2 Ideally you will need a 2B and 5B Pencil for shading, 7B Pencil for thicker outlines, eraser pen for easy erase, cotton bud and tissue for smudging.


STAGE 3 First start with the outline of the body for both the man and the woman.


STAGE 4 After the outline start sketching by lightly filling in the darkest areas first for example the girl’s hand and then the mans muscles.


STAGE 5 Don't try to over complicate things by trying to copy the shading exactly, instead simply try to make dark areas dark and light areas light. Remember don't draw what you "think" is there, draw what you "see" is there. 


STAGE 6 Build up the darker areas slowly in layers as we did in the last drawing.



Again remember to keep your pencils sharp, follow the artist and enjoy the lesson, we don't want to over complicate the drawing, just go with the flow and let the creativity within you flow. We will look at more technical aspects of drawing with shapes later on but you will be amazed how quickly just following the artist can improve your ability to draw.