Lesson 3. The Human Eye

1.Start by drawing a horizontal line to help guide composition of your eye.
Begin by drawing the basic eye shape, using the line to help keep the shape level.

2.Add a large circle directly within the shape to represent the iris, adding a second smaller circle perfectly within the middle to represent the pupil. Using your horizontal guideline at all times to keep your composition level.

3.Begin to add detail by adding lines to represent the eye lids and characteristics of the eye (eye lids, eye brow and contours of face around eye).

4.You can now add further detail to begin to bring the eye to life, by lightly marking out the position of the eye lashes, colouration of eye and lighting (keep in mind where the direct light is coming from at all times).

5.Now begin to define your lines and markings of the eye, committing to your lines.

6.Now using the appropriate pencils, begin to add a combination of lighter and darker shading to represent light and darkness.