Lesson 10. Tutorial - Drawing with Shapes

Passionate Couple
Stage 1 – This is a simple sketch in relation to form, yet the difficulty lays in the placement of the shading, to give the image a convincing look and feel. It will be interesting to see how this new sketch with the use of shapes to help you draw compares to your earlier freestyle attempt where you followed the video tutorial. As always begin by using your building blocks/basic shapes to lay out the major parts of the figures anatomy. With the use of these shapes and lines, you can begin to build the basic skeleton of our figure. Make sure you are happy with the proportions, paying particular attention to placement, as the placement of the limbs and the relationship between the two figures can easily look uncomfortable if reproduced inaccurately.

Stage 2 – Once you are happy with your proportions, again begin to fill in the gaps as well as any further details such as clothing/veins etc. Think of this stage as adding muscle/basic structure to your skeleton.
For ease, I have lightly drawn in lines, to etch out contours of the muscles and areas which will require shading, to help guide shading later and keep it as accurate as possible. Again remember to check proportion/weight as you go, exact details/lines are not needed at this stage.

Stage 3 - Once you have finished cleaning the image and have only clean lines, it is now time to add shading, to build depth to the image.
Leave the light guide lines, to help guide the areas which need shading. I have used hatch shading again for this image. Single hatch shading is used in moderate shaded areas as previously explained. Try to experiment with cross hatching for especially darker areas (Lines crossing parallel and horizontally to each other).