Origami Aeroplane

Origami help sheet - Lets get started on your first assignment. Level - Easy


Origami is the art of folding a single sheet of paper into shapes and objects. You can make almost anything you like out of paper using complex maths but for simple models like this paper aeroplane there are only a few easy things you need to know:


Folding in

There are two simple types of folds: Mountain folds and Valley folds. We designed the instructions for making this plane so most of the folds are valley folds. A valley fold folds in on itself and never out on itself.







Folding in Folding out

We call a fold that folds in on itself a valley fold because of the valley shape the paper makes as it’s being folded. Folding out is called a mountain fold because it creates a ridge and sticks up like a mountain.


Flying tips
Ready to fly? Head outdoors where the winds blow free and there’s loads of space.

To launch your plane take it in your dominant hand holding the plane midway along its length. Reach behind you with the arm you are holding the plane with and reach forwards with your other arm.

Don’t throw the plane forwards but launch it. Bring the arm holding the plane forwards quickly and let go of the plane as your arm nears being outstretched in front of you. Your plane will fly really well if you follow through the whole launch movement rather than flicking the plane without moving your arm very much.

But everyone is different so experiment and see what works best for you. Some people like to jump and launch their planes, others like to go out on a really windy day and let the wind take their planes into the sky.

If your plane hits the ground very soon after launch you might be throwing it too hard or the model might be unbalanced. Try attaching a paperclip towards the back of the plane’s body so that it raises the nose up during flight.

If your plane spirals around in flight you could try using a paperclip or glue to hold the wings tighter together so the plane is balanced left to right.

You can also try folding flaps along the back edges of the wings to adjust roll (left to right) and pitch (front to back). This will only affect the aeroplane’s balance during flight