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Includes New Meditational Tool for all Art Enthusiasts. Helps you to Unwind & Relax


Brief Overview

Join over 10,000 students with this inspiring 'Learn to Draw & Learn to Paint Online Course'. This course is suitable for all levels. Whether you think you can draw or not this course is definately worth the challenge. This course will turn ANY art enthusiast into a competent artist with our 'draw-a-long & paint-a-long' tutorials.


'How to...'

With the 'How to...' videos showing you the way, simply just 'draw and paint-a-long' with the artists whilst playing the HD video tutorials and realise the creative potential in you. This course really can turn the non-drawer or painter into an aspiring artist. This course is brought to you by providing the student with comprehensive and dynamic video tutorials helping to lead you through this online elearning Academy every step of the way.

You will soon be drawing and painting works of art in a very short space of time! The course comes with lifetime access so you can take this course at your own pace, unwind and relax and let your creative juices flow.

With more than 30 Modules of creative learning 'Learn to Draw & Paint' has it all. Time lapse video tutorials makes this course very easy to follow and learn. Literally anyone can draw or paint!


The course is compatible with all desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets. Learn at whatever time of day or night you like. Dynamic-Ecourse has a 'No Live' seminar policy and actually gives you the choice to watch, pause, play, fast forward or rewind the tutorials when ever you want all from the comfort of your own home and with the touch of a button.

A course developed for all levels and ages in mind it will allow everybody to unleash their creative flair in no time at all. With only basic equipment needed you can be sure to get started right away! Get to know the artists style and develop and tweek your own. With lots of bonus features and exciting competitions, quiz's and interactive assessments this course is the 'goto' course for any budding artist. To top off your achievement a certificate will be available for you to download after successful completion of the course.

Splatter Techniques
3D illusion
“I literally couldn't draw at all so thats why I took the course. I am not joking my drawings and paintings were not far off the artists by
the time I had finished the course. I know it sounds farfetched but the draw along videos make it so easy!”

Kelly Calloway, Dawlish.

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