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Welcome to 'Learn to Draw 2'. We hope you had fun throughout Level 1. We are going to throw you straight in at the deepend and start off by getting you to draw a caricature. We have tried to give 'Level 2' a slightly more edgy feel where certain modules will cover some aspects of 'Street Art'. Level 2 is again more of a 'how to' style course to get you drawing quickly. The first part of this course will require you to submit your work before proceeding to the next module where this will be reviewed by one of the team. Making a submission encourages students to progress through the course module by module, rather than skipping to the next level.

So what doe's this course include? Well first off as mentioned above we will be sketching out a caricature, after this we will be looking at drawing out a 3D object creating an illusion of reality! To follow this we will then be sketching out a 'Banksy Style' piece of art in stencil form. Fear not we are not expecting you to go out and start sparying grafitti on your neighbours wall or anything like that! This section does have an element of paint but intially you will be drawing out a stencil. We also have a section on fine art drawing, there are also modules on creating mandala's and lots more! We have tried to keep this course as fun as possible and have added elements of interest to each module that we think you will love. Just keep ploughing through the modules and hopefully you will be excited about what you are seeing and what you are about to draw.




Learn 'Banksy Style' Art

3D Illusion Drawing

Fine Art Covered

Caricature sketching

'Move the cursor away from the video player whilst it's playing. Doing this will reveal information at the bottom of the player.'

How to Hold the Pencil? - Different Pencil Grips.

The Tripod Grip The most common way of holding a pen or a pencil. Although it might be the common way of holding a pencil, many people are not doing the tripod grip correctly. The correct way to make a tripod grip is to position the pencil applying equal pressure between the side of the middle finger, the tip of the index finger and the thumb. This is demonstrated in the video above and can also be applied to some colouring techniques.

Do not grip the pencil too firmly. Holding a pencil too tightly or too lightly will limit your flexibility in drawing because the fine-motor skills are weakened.

The index finger rests on the tip of the pencil which shows the lead while the top must be pointing toward the shoulder. Check if the thumb and the underside of the forearm are in a straight line.

The most important and apparent advantage of this type of grip is that a person can write more quickly and easily. The correct grip maximizes one’s motor skills, which are needed for drawings.


Extended Grip The extended grip is a variation of the tripod grip. The tripod grip is still used, but you will hold the pencil at bit further at the end or near the top of the pencil. Because your control is at the other end of the pencil, small movements of your hand make larger effects on the other end.


Underhand Grip Another variation of the tripod grip is the underhand grip. This is another relaxed way of holding a pencil. This grip is best suited for broad sketching. The pencil is positioned in a ‘V’ with the middle and index finger controlling the movement. Using this type of grip will help you make firm lines and small linear details.


Overhand Grip For sketching, most artists use the overhand grip. The aim of the overhand grip is to have a relaxed grip on the pencil but not too relaxed that the grip would not be secure. You can draw sitting or standing, make sure that your arm has full range movement. Shading is easier with the overhand grip. Lets get started on your first module!

Watch the 'How To...' video below and follow along.

Module 1 - Caricature Drawing

In order to proceed to the next module you are required to upload your work. Please click below. A password will then be sent to you after review has taken place. Please submit your caricature drawing by scanning or taking a photo with a smart phone.