Works Seamlessly On All Devices.

Is this course compatible on all devices? Yes. This course will run on any device including Smart Phones/iphones, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets/ipads. Compatible on any Apple and Android Products. No software is required.

How long do I have access to the course? Once the course is purchased you will have lifetime access to the course. Basically it will never expire. However if you have purchased a voucher through a discount site you will need to redeem the voucher within the first three months to validate the voucher. After this you have full lifetime access.

What equipment material will I need before I start the course? Only very basic equipment/materials are required for this course. Pencil and paper, a paint brush and a few paints. It is quite inexpensive to buy these products, however most people own these already, especially a pencil and paper. They can however be sourced cheaply online. A full list of recommended materials can be viewed on login but to start with just some basic materials are all that are needed to get you started.

How many times can I access the video tutorials? Can I play them multiple times?  The answer to this is as many times as you wish. You can play, fast forward, rewind and pause the videos. They are accessible 24/7.

What age range is the course suitable for and at what level? This course is suitable for all ages and all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced users.

Do I need an internet connection? Yes as all of our content is viewable online. You only need a basic internet connection. Whilst the videos are HD quality they have been compressed so that no loading time is required giving you instant viewing.

Do I need to be a computer wizard to navigate and setup the course? No not at all. There is no setup required and you can start the course in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Is there any help/support for this course? Yes, full email help and support is offered for any technical issues encountered.

Can I gift this course? Absolutely, Just provide the person who is receiving the gift with the e-voucher and they can do the rest.

I can't draw or paint, is this course worth me taking? Yes, definately. 1000's of our users didn't think they could draw or paint however after drawing a long to the videos it soon becomes apparant that we all have creative flair in our genes! You will be amazed by your results!

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