Making a Trailer


Not enough time to shoot a full movie this weekend? Why not create an iMovie trailer—a short Hollywood-style movie advertisement. You can choose from 14 trailer templates, each with graphics and a musical score.



Step 1: Choose a template and tap create to bring up the Outline/Storyboard screen.






















Step 2: Starting with the Outline menu, tap on a line in any section to edit the text. Enter a title, character names, production crew details, and other information. Don’t forget to enter your “Studio” name.

Tip: Use the arrow icons above the keyboard to move between text fields or just tap on the field.



















Step 3: Tap Storyboard to bring up the shot screen. Each shot will only be on screen for a second or two, so a one-minute trailer will require about 24 shots.


















Step 4: The storyboard includes suggestions for the type of shots to include, but you don’t have to follow them. You will fill each shot with an image from your Photos or Videos or take a shot using the camera.

Tap on the image to highlight it in yellow. Drag the selection to choose a particular portion of the clip. Then tap on the curved arrow button to make the selection.



















Step 5: You can also add your own words to replace suggested text in several places. There is not much room, so adding too much will make the text very small.

Step 6: After inserting the first clip, iMovie will prompt you to continue. Repeat until you’ve added all of your clips. You can skip placeholder clips to work out of sequence. Just tap on the thumbnail to return to a previous clip.

Tap Play to preview the trailer at any time.